WBTF: Revised Short Program Element 6 (Contact Material)

Effective September 1 2019, a change to Element Number 6 (Contact Material) of the Short Program was approved by the WBTF. The Contact Material element now consists of two segments: an 8-count vertical series and an 8-count horizontal series. Each series must begin on Count 1.

In the Junior division, between the vertical series and the horizontal series, the athlete does not perform any Accessory Material. They will reset to the horizontal series start position.

In the Senior division, the vertical series is connected to the horizontal series using Accessory Material.

Two resources are provided below:

  1. Contact Section Demonstration Video: This video shows the new element performed with the music. This demonstration does not show any Accessory Material connecting the two series.
  2. Contact Section Description 20200221 – A count-by-count written descripton of the vertical and horizontal series.

See the WBTF posting for more information.

Kathy Butera

Kathy Butera is USTA's National Judges Chair.

One thought on “WBTF: Revised Short Program Element 6 (Contact Material)

  • February 23, 2020 at 2:55 pm

    Well that horizontal release facing back from L hand to the R hand is the shits…90 precent of the time that catch in the R hand is gonna off pattern. How many revolutions are Allowed on that release? Y’all have fun with that.


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