WBTF Master Judges Workshop on Jan 16-17, 2017

Date: Mon. Jan 16 – Tues. Jan 17, 2017
Clinicians: Krystal Mignone & Sheri Carter, USA
Workshop Location: Headquarters Hotel, Stockton California

Monday: January 16, 9am-6pm — Compulsories and Short Program
Tuesday: January 17, 9am-6pm — Freestyle, Pairs and Teams

Workshop outline

  • Theory
  • Technique
  • Composition/Design
  • Performance
  • Judging Process
  • Compulsories
  • Short Program
  • Freestyle
  • Pairs
  • Teams

Who may attend

  • Current Master Judge who would like to attend to update their certification date
  • Anyone who would like to become a WBTF Certified Master Judge
  • Any professional WBTF member (Coach) who would like to come and sit in and observe how the judges are trained. Think of it as a coaches training session from a judges point of view. Come for 1⁄2 day, full day or both days. All professional members, 18 years or older, may attend judges workshops for information purposes, and attendees must be 18 years or older to test for certification.


Must be a member in good standing of their WBTF member country Must have the current WBTF Judges Manual.

Advance Preparation

Participants wishing to test to become a WBTF Master judge must be familiar with the material in the Manual and role model video examples

Materials needed

  • WBTF Master Judges Manual (mandatory) $35.00 US*
  • Notebook, post-it notes, pens, high lighter
  • You must order the manual in advance from the WBTF Store on the WBTF Website. *
    When payment is received you will receive further instructions on how to download your manual from the WBTF website.

Note: Manual not mandatory for Coaches Sit In.

Fee/Registration Form:

Register via the Online form
Download the Registration form: 2017 WBTF Master Judges Workshop Registration Form

Take advantage of early registration discount. Pre-register and pay by November 15 through WBTF’s Pay Pal account to receive the discount. Submit registration form by deadline date, and you will receive a *Pay Pal Invoice from Sandi Wiemers, WBTF President to pay by November 15 *You must register for a Pay Pal account online at www.paypal.com


Contact: Jackie Stewart

Sandi Wiemers

Sandi Wiemers is the President of the World Baton Twirling Federation. She is also a Master Judge Clinician.

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