Ways to Keep Twirling After Competition

Are you looking for ways to continue performing after you’ve finished competing? With some preparation and research there are several outlets that may be interested in having you twirl. One of the most important steps is to create an act. Your act will look different depending on the forum you are applying to and each company might require different skills presented along with your act. Upload your video on Youtube (unlisted) or on a video to easily send to different companies. It is also important to include a short bio at the beginning introducing yourself, your age, experience, and why you would love to work for the company or team.

Circus/corporate event
This act should be a blend of a freestyle with multiple batons. Creativeness and uniqueness should be a focus and the act will be most successful with a theme. (Example: You are a spider and your batons are situated in a web. Throughout the routine (and in character) you discover the web and add in batons to your act. Non-theme example: Any unique piece of music that highlights your style that is consistent throughout.) Note: This act should not feel like a showtwirl. (Time suggestion: Between 3:30 and 5 minutes)

Professional sports team performance
This act should be high energy and should highlight lots of traveling and use of the floor (to show how you would travel around a court or field). Incorporating multiple batons in this performance is key. (Time suggestion: Between 2-3 minutes)

Community event – static twirling
There are many events where you might not have much space. (Example: Small stage at a club or on a street at a festival). Highlight on your video several shorter clips of twirling and how it could be effective without much room.
If you can twirl fire, highlight this in your application video as well. Many venues may not be able to support fire twirling, but it is important for companies to know it is an option.
The best way to connect with organizations is to search online for the contact information and application process on how to submit a video/information. If it is a sports organization, reaching out to the spirit or marketing department might be the best option. If you want to invest a bit of money, hiring a talent agent in your area will be a great way to be hired for community, local and corporate events.

Circus Companies
Production HAUT-Vol, Circus Oz, Polazzo, GOP Varieté, Circus Bella, Circus Monti, Flic Flac, Cirque Du Soleil, Cirque Eloize

Sports teams
NBA (National Basketball Association), NFL (National Football League), tennis events, soccer games

For more specific information on applying, you can reach out to me at jentwirls@gmail.com

Jennifer Marcus

Jennifer Marcus is a multiple-time US National Grand Champion and World Medalist.

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