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Recently the Education Department developed and implemented a new training program for Level 1 through Master Judges.  The new training program is for re-certification and is offered in an online environment. This is part of USTA’s continuing efforts to provide convenient service to our professionals.  The process is simple and easy for participants.

USTA judges can re-certify by taking any Judges Seminar, teaching a seminar, or participation in the selection process for International or World Competitions.  Many of our current certified judges live in areas where it is costly and sometimes difficult to attend or participate in a workshop.  Additionally, participants incur financial costs for travel, lodging, and per diem in addition to the cost of the workshop.  Therefore the Education Department developed this alternative media and teach/training mechanism to assist our customers in satisfying and accomplishing their recertification mandated by USTA.  Jackie Stewart, Director of the Education Department — “We are continually looking at ways to offer convenient educational opportunities to our professionals. Kathy, as Judges Chair, is a leading advocate and expert in this area.”

Since the deployment of the online re-certification program, the Education Department has facilitated the participation of numerous judges in this online re-certification program.  Kim Lehman from New Jersey recently completed her re-certification.  Here is what Kim had to say about her experience. “I Loved doing it from my apartment, not having to travel, the expense and time of traveling, was invaluable to me.  Doing everything at home was great for me.  My own apartment, sorta of my own time.”

So, here is how it works…

  • Go to the USTA website, click on “shop” on the left side, go to “training manuals” select USTA Judge’s Certification Workshop – Online – $100.00
  • The coordinator of this program will contact you after payment is made.
  • Explanation and arrangement for the re-certification process will be explained and you will proceed.
  • Once you begin the re-certification process you have 30 days to complete it.
  • The re-certification will include three assignments that are relevant to your level of certification.
  • Each assignment will be graded and returned, and feedback will be provided.
  • At the completion of the assignments, your three-year certification will be updated.

“It’s easy, convenient, cost effective, and a great learning experience” states Kathy Butera, USTA Judges Chair.  “The Education Department is very excited about this new on line program, and we encourage all Judges to sign up for this incredible learning experience.”

Kathy Butera

Kathy Butera is USTA's National Judges Chair.

2 thoughts on “USTA Online Re-Certification Program

  • April 28, 2012 at 9:47 am

    The online re-certification process is a great alternative to attending a seminar. The process was easy, and I received meaningful feedback after each assignment. I appreciate the Judges’ committee’s efforts is creating this program.

    • May 1, 2012 at 5:31 pm

      Thanks so much for sharing your positive feedback regarding the online re-certification program. Feedback is a key component to the success of any program. I am pleased that this training forum met your learning needs while providing convenience to you as well. The Education Department has focused its efforts on ensuring this program meets the training and certification goals set forth for our professional workforce. We look forward to seeing you on our judging panels this season. Thanks Again!!


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