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WBTF recently published new clarifications and changes to International Cup content restrictions.

If you (or an athlete that you are associated with) will compete in the 2019 International Cup competition this August, make sure that you are aware of the following clarifications and changes, and that you make any necessary choreographic adjustments.

Standard Release clarification
The following releases qualify as a Standard release:

  • Vertical RH or LH Thumb Toss
  • Vertical RH or LH Backhand Toss
  • Horizontal RH or LH Forward or Reverse Toss

Backhand Spring clarification
A Backhand spring is NOT an aerial or flight move.

3-Baton Content Restriction change for B and A Levels

  • B-Level: Only one (1) Triple Toss is allowed.
  • A-Level: Only two (2) Triple Tosses are allowed.
Definition of a Triple Toss:
  • All three (3) batons are released sequentially, one at a time, before one of the batons is caught, OR all three (3) batons are released at the same time.  For both types of Triple Tosses, catches can be in any order.

Sandi Rios

Sandi Rios is the US Technical Adviser for the United States Twirling Association, and has coached numerous State, Regional, National, and World Champions. She is dedicated to to taking the sport of baton twirling to new heights artistically and creatively, and is known for her commitment to excellence and innovative program designs. In addition to being a coach and choreographer, Sandi is also a Master Judge.

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