Timing the Driving Pulse of Multiple Baton

Check this out, multiple baton coaches and judges!

I came across this on You Tube. I found this to be a very interesting and an incredible example of timing, accuracy of placement not to mention the use of space. ….. QUALITIES which are all displayed in our multiple baton events!

Watch and see if you notice how timing and hand-eye coordination are not only crucial for the execution but creates a syncopated melodic beat as well.

While watching this video, I couldn’t help but think how musicality can aide our athletes rhythmically speaking. Upon finding this video, I was eager to see more. There are many examples of triangle juggling on You Tube and juggling in general which can be a useful tool when teaching an array of skills in 2 and 3 baton; from the basic juggles to the ongoing complexity of combinations incorporating various patterns and planes! Let’s unleash our creativity and work on developing a variety of syncopated timing skills in our multiple baton programs!

GOOD LUCK and let the rhythm of the beat drive your creativity!

Sheri Carter

Sheri Carter started her twirling career at the age of 4 under the direction of Gene and Mary Hooker. Throughout her competitive career, she won numerous state, regional and National titles in one, two, and three baton, as well as the team divisions. During her training years she had the privilege to train under an array of experts in our field, in addition to Gene and Mary, Fred Miller, Brooks Goings, Dale White, and Frances Whitley. She is a Cum Laude graduate from the University of Houston where she had the opportunity to be one of the four national champion feature twirlers....all of whom she cherishes as family to this day! She has served on the Texas State and Regional councils, and she has served on the National Board of Directors for 6 years -- both as a member and Board Secretary. She is a certified Coach and Master Level Judge, the latter of which has given her the privilege to judge at 8 World Championships. She is currently serving as a member of the Education Department of USTA. In addition to baton, she has taught and coached in the public school system for 31 years. Her overall 27-year career coaching record in high school volleyball is 391-149. She is also the Head Tennis coach at Stony Point High School in the Round Rock Independent School District.

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