Special Access to Educational Materials for USTA Professional Members

Attention USTA Professional Members: Did you know that you have premier access to a variety of professional and educational materials? Here, on Knowledge Central — USTA’s hub for professional development — professional members can access coaching manuals, reference documents, performance examples (previously referred to as “Role Models”), judging scales, event concept summaries, compulsory and movement technique videos, and more!

For details on how to access the Professional Members Only material:

  • Login to Members Only section on the USTA website
  • Go to the Document library
  • Select Professionals
  • Open the file “Access to Knowledge Central Materials

(Non-professional members have limited access to educational materials on Knowledge Central. Click on the “Professional Resources” menu link at the top of the page, and then click on “Log in as a guest” if prompted to log in.)

Monica Lee

Monica Lee serves as USTA's Media and Technology Specialist. She built Knowledge Central to help expand USTA's educational programs and make professional resources more accessible to all.

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