USTA Criteria to be a Clinician for Judges Workshops


Basic Criteria:

  • Must have a current USTA Professional Membership
  • Must be certified at one level higher than the workshop you are teaching
  • Present a section of a live workshop in front of clinician running the workshop or give a presentation on one event via Skype/FaceTime to at least 2 members of the Education Department
  • Provide feedback surveys to the Judges Chair of each workshop conducted

Level I Criteria:

  • Met with above basic criteria

Level II/III Criteria:

  • Must meet all the basic criteria in addition to:
  • Must have been selected and contracted to judge US Nationals in a full time capacity at least three times
  • Have conducted a National or International Focus meeting(s)
    • Be a member of any of the USTA Departments or achieved Master Level Clinician status

Master Level Criteria:

  • Achieved Master Judge’s clinician status (grade of 80% or higher on each section of the WBTF Master Workshop)

Grandfather Clause:

  • Any current professional member who has conducted a USTA workshop will be grandfathered and automatically given clinician status