Parade March goes to the Top in California!

USTA’s newest Foundation Event, Parade March, has skyrocketed in California! It debuted in December 2013 with 6 entries. By two months later, it grew 1,450% to an amazing 87 entries and continues to expand in age groups due to the demand. It’s not unusual to see an individual age group with 7 athletes “strutting their stuff” vying for an award at any given competition.

The concept of Parade March is a short routine, designed in the traditional marching square while keeping rhythm and hitting every beat of the music, all while incorporating baton twirling elements. This event is a progressive component developing towards the Championship Event of Strut. Not only does it build upon the components of good posture while adding the demand and coordination of twirling, it introduces the beginning stages of baton and body blending while being “in step,” as in the Strut event.

How to Design and Perform (General Rules):

  1. Performed in a square in the floor pattern dictated for Basic Strut in the USTA Rule Book.
  2. Performed to the Basic Strut music.
  3. Performed to forty (40) count music with a thirty-two (32) count long forward progression march beginning on the second count of 8 (8 counts to each side, executing a left flank on each 8 count).
  4. Lower body must perform marching steps in step in the 1-2 or left, right pattern in step throughout the thirty-two (32) counts of forward progression movement (no spins, gymnastics, or other lower body movements shall be permitted).
  5. Baton may be used in any mode and pattern of twirling.

Creativity of full hand twirl combinations, rolls, passes, releases and fingers are a great place to start!

Using the guidelines above, try this with your athletes today and be a part of the growing trend in the Foundation Events with Parade March like the California strutters!

Keep looking for continued updates regarding this event in additional publications as the Competitive Events Department is following other states as well.

Happy strutting, everyone!

Yolanda Stone

Yolanda Stone, former Sr. Women's World Champion, is a member of USTA's Competitive Events Department. Her current focus is on the design of our USTA Foundation Events and the USTA Championships Events. Yolanda is also a Level 1 Coach and the Director of The Dazzling Diamondettes Baton Corp from Fresno, California. She has been involved in baton twirling for 44 years.

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