As designers and choreographers, we’re faced each season with the task of putting together the “right” routines. Sure, we have to use the required modes in a seamless fashion when constructing, but have you ever thought about how you PACE the skills in your routines to showcase the best qualities of your athletes?

PACING is an extremely important aspect of every choreographer’s job. It’s an ingredient that should be considered in ALL events… if it’s a routine, it requires good PACING.

Take a peek at this very entertaining video and see how PACING can and SHOULD be part of your job as a twirling coach.

Dale White

His pageantry career began as a baton twirler under the tutelage of Fred Miller, director of the famed Miller’s Blackhawks. Mr. White won numerous State and National championships as a competitive baton twirler. His teaching career in the sport of baton twirling has spanned some 30 years, producing a multitude of National and World champions. In addition, his membership with the United States Twirling Association, as well as the World Baton Twirling Federation, has taken him to some 15 countries instructing and judging. Currently, he serves as USA Judges Rep for the World Baton Twirling Federation and is contributing to the development of the new judging system. As an adjudicator, Dale is currently on the roster of Winter Guard International as well as the Ohio Music Educators Association. His focused area of adjudication is General Effect, Color Guard, and Visual captions where he has over 20 years of experience. In the 2009 season of WGI, he served as Chief Judge Administrator. In addition, Mr. White mentors young judges.

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