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The Education Department not only developed and implemented a new training program for Level 1 through Master Judges but has in partnership with that process, done the same for the entry level of Coach Certification: Level I. Both the manual and testing process for certification are now offered online.

USTA is continually working to provide convenient service for all professionals. The online process is simple and easy for participants. The first and most exciting aspect of this online process is that all coaches can access and download the Coaches Level I Manual at NO COST! You do that right here at “Knowledge Central.” Just click on the “Manuals” link. The Level I Coaches Manual is not the only resource for continued coach education but it is a great one! The manual is a major part of what you are questioned about on the Level I Home Study Test.

When you have decided you are ready to take the Level I Coaches’ test, go to and go to the “Shop” link. Once there, click on “Training” and look for the Level I Home Study Test. The cost is $25 and you may purchase either an online test or a hard copy/mail-in version. The choice is yours. Our goal is to serve as many coaches in whatever manner is best for them.

Many coaches live in an area where it is costly, difficult and often impossible to attend or participate in a certification workshop. Most participants cannot take on the burden of high costs of travel, lodging and per diem. Additionally, in the past, there was the additional expense of the manual and workshop. The Education Department developed this easily accessible media and educational/training mechanism to assist our members in successfully achieving their professional certification.

The USTA Education Department is dedicated to growing the sport of baton twirling. That growth must begin with increased numbers of well trained and certified professional baton twirling coaches. We are committed to helping all who desire to be a better coach and develop their baton program into one of credibility and substance.

Since the creation of the online Coaches’ certification and Judges’ re-certification programs, the Education Department has facilitated the participation of numerous professionals from several different areas of the country.

The free availability of the Coaches Level I Manual and the cost effective test process in the comfort of your home makes becoming a certified baton twirling professional finally a viable possibility for so many otherwise financially and time availability challenged coaches,” states Karen Cammer, USTA Coaches’ Chair. “Now nothing can stand in your dream of being a fully certified coach.

The Education Department is very excited about these new online manuals and programs. For so long the concept of “Knowledge Central” was just that, a concept. Now that is it a reality and a valuable education, training and networking tool, we encourage all to take advantage of all it has to offer: posts, manuals and certification.

Karen Cammer

Karen Cammer serves as the President of USTA's Board of Directors. She is a Certified Coach and Judge. Karen is also the director of KC's Entertainers as well as Co-Owner of the Baton Twirling Network, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Coaches Certification

  • January 15, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    Just came across Knowledge Central and just wanted to say WOW! What a
    fantastic resource for your judges, coaches and athletes. I can see
    how much hard work and dedication has gone into this amazing resource.
    It’s a fantastic step for twirling education and as an international
    visitor to the site, I am truly impressed!

  • December 28, 2015 at 8:19 pm

    To those responsible for helping to make the manual available for no cost, many thanks! This is a great way for current USTA coaches to help their athletes improve. The manual may also help current athletes and potential coaches affiliated with other twirling organizations to become part of USTA without the need for a financial investment. Thanks Karen and other Education Department members for making this happen.


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