Ask An Expert: How to motivate twirlers to practice outside of classes (Part 1)


“We have several twirlers who are very dedicated and love baton twirling who practice all the time, but there are others who like baton and don’t practice outside of class. What is a good way to teach and inspire our twirlers to practice more outside of class? We have tried practice charts to earn rewards and prizes, we have routine checks, even all-star of the month.”





by Kellie Donovan Perelman (COACH)

Practice outside of class is always the biggest problem with improving in baton twirling. In so many sports when you increase your level, you increase the amount of classes you attend each week (for example: in dance when you are a beginner maybe you go to one class a week, intermediate two times a week, advanced three-five times a week).

In baton twirling we expect more practice outside of class as the level increases, but we do not increase their classes. With that being said, I have found that group classes are a great way to help twirlers practice more.

Another suggestion would be to help arrange a set practice schedule with a few students together, having practice partners makes it more fun and more accountable. Sometimes, I have done a combination where on Saturdays once a month we have a group class and the other Saturdays the twirlers can meet at the same time same place and work together.

Hope this helps!

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One thought on “Ask An Expert: How to motivate twirlers to practice outside of classes (Part 1)

  • September 16, 2013 at 6:45 am

    Excellent suggestion, Kellie. I, too, have seen that type of format be the answer to this dilemma. Thanks for the insight!


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