60 Stress Busters for Volunteers

Approximately two weeks ago, USTA Coach and Judge, Maura Bogardus, sent an article (or booklet if you will) to Education Department Director, Jackie Stewart. It was titled “60 Stress Busters for Scouters.” Maura said, “Change ‘scouters’ to ‘twirling coaches’ or ‘twirlers’ and I think this article is perfect!” Jackie passed that article along to me.

After reading the article, we agreed with Maura. As the Coaches Chair, I wrote to the author Dr. CK Andrade for permission to post her booklet on “Knowledge Central.” I explained a little bit about what the Education Department does as it relates to our coaches’ and judges’ training and education, as well as gave her the links to both “Knowledge Central” and the USTA web site. I was thrilled to have back, within 24 hours, not only a positive answer but also a suggestion from Dr. Andrade to use one of her other works which fits us better; “60 Stress Busters for Volunteers.” As coaches, and in many cases, volunteers, this article/booklet is an insightful tool. With Dr. Andrade’s permission, please enjoy it in the hope that it will help each of you in some manner.

60 Stress Busters for Volunteers

Dr. CK Andrade uses her extensive training in Counseling Psychology, Physical Therapy and Education to transform complicated concepts into concrete and easy-to-digest presentations for audiences at all levels. Read more about her in “60 Stress Busters for Volunteers.”

Reprinted with the permission of the author, Carla-Krystin Andrade, and Stress Free Zone, the publisher, Copyright 2011, askdrck@stressfreezone.com

Karen Cammer

Karen Cammer serves as the President of USTA's Board of Directors. She is a Certified Coach and Judge. Karen is also the director of KC's Entertainers as well as Co-Owner of the Baton Twirling Network, Inc.

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