Parade March… Tracking Early Success!

When it comes to the new addition of Parade March for the competitive season of 2013-2014, it comes as no surprise that it was a hit. A BIG HIT! In late October, USTA/Knowledge Central published an article on Parade March giving California much applause for it’s STELLAR growth of 1450% from the December contest with 6 entries to the February contest with 87!  Now, at the end of one competitive year, lots of emails and calculation of numbers, here are the results.

California Basic 468 317 785
Military 246 222 468
Parade March 236 327 563
Presentation 442 413 855
New York Basic 248 115 363
Miliary 69 17 86
Parade March 32 20 52
Presentation 249 99 348
Ohio Basic 173 50 223
Military 18 2 20
Parade March 32 10 42
Presentation 99 18 117
Maryland Basic 25 (no info) 25
Military 22 (no info) 22
Parade March 4 (no info) 4
Presentation 22 (no info) 22
Colorado Basic 108 36 144
Military 23 9 32
Parade March 5 2 7
Presentation 37 0 37


First, a bit of a background… I was asked to follow a handful of states and gather their ongoing contest statistics regarding Foundation Events. The participating states were New York, Ohio (southern area), Maryland, Colorado and California. (There were a few other states involved at the beginning of the project but were unable to complete the project.) They were asked to record and submit the total numbers of athletes participating in: Basic Marching, “L” Military March, Parade March and Presentation. A specific breakdown of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels was not needed.

In breaking down the year to track the numbers in an accurate manner, two timeline phases were implemented.

  • Phase 1: tracking the competitive months from Fall 2013 – March 31, 2014
  • Phase 2: tracking the months of April 1, 2014 – May 31, 2014

While doing this, it became evident in the Spring that there were a few challenges to take into consideration when calculating the overall final numbers. As an example, several states only had one contest to report in Phase 2, while others had more. Looking at the statistics to the right, we see opportunity for growth in the 2014-2015 year across the country, so please use the results to gauge your starting point for improvement.

Please remember, we coaches set the pace for these amazing developments in the sport we all love. It’s the base of our “foundations.” Encourage your athletes to become a part of our traditions. Take the time to fully introduce it to your athletes, and make it happen.

In closing, thank you to the following state representatives that assisted with this year-long project. I appreciate your time and the commitment given to the Competitive Events Department!

  • Cindy Harmon, Southern Ohio
  • Anna Dolan, Colorado
  • Linda Boss, New York
  • Stephanie Vara-Carter, Maryland
  • (I had the pleasure of following California)

Happy Twirling, Everyone!

About Yolanda Stone

Yolanda Stone, former Sr. Women's World Champion, is a member of USTA's Competitive Events Department. Her current focus is on the design of our USTA Foundation Events and the USTA Championships Events. Yolanda is also a Level 1 Coach and the Director of The Dazzling Diamondettes Baton Corp from Fresno, California. She has been involved in baton twirling for 44 years.