Ask An Expert: Where are some good places to practice? How do you find them?


“My kids started twirling last year, and they love it! But they’ve outgrown our living room… Where are some good places to practice? How do you find them? They’ve been practicing outside, but they complain about the sun being in their eyes, and if it rains/snows, they can’t practice. Are there any tips to practicing outside? Please help!”





by Ellissa Johnson Eby (COACH)

Although the living room may seem like a tight space, some of the best practice can be done there. It offers a tight space to work on rolls and tight contact material. Along with drills and other warm-up exercises.

Another good option is dance studios. Many dance studios will rent out their space usually for an affordable price. You then have use of the mirror which will help you develop your body technique. You can also check into your local YMCA. During open gym hours you can sometimes get in there for height and big tricks. All you have to do is pay for the membership.

I would also recommend continuing to practice outside. Face away from the sun and get some good sneakers on. I always tell my students if they could do it outside they could do it in a gymnasium. I hope this helps.

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