Example of a Beginner Level Baton Class

Starting up a successful baton twirling group starts with cultivating a good Beginner level class. Teaching the fundamentals for a balanced and strong base is crucial to all athletes in any sport, but especially in baton twirling where there are so many disciplines to cover — e.g. baton technique, body technique, rolls, aerials, contact material, etc..

USTA’s Growth & Development department has put together a video example of a Beginner level baton class to help new coaches develop their own beginner level programs and to possibly refresh some veteran coaches with some new ideas.

If you would like to submit your own example of a Beginner level baton class, please send the URL of your video to Monica Lee (Webmaster) via our Contact Us page, or write your ideas in the comments below!

About Kellie Donovan Perelman

Kellie Donovan Perelman is USTA's Director of the Growth and Development Department. She is also a Coach and a Master Judge.